Lombok cultured golden south sea pearls Indonesia, offer high grade quality culture south sea pearl for wholesale, loose golden pearls from Lombok Island Indonesia

Cultured yellow [champagne color] south sea pearls Lombok island Indonesia

New stock wholesale champagne and golden colors sea pearls, up date 12 August 2009 opportunity!!!

I have lot of stock good price auction golden and champagne sea pearls mix colors a pack in the wholesale plastic has certificates, grade A/B/C, the shape of a round semi round, 1,405.55 gram weight, quantity 606 pieces, dimensions 12mm - 13mm up, the other one in plastic that is round semi-round shape, 1,062.35 grams of weight, quantity 601 pieces, dimensions 9mm - 10mm, price is the net IDR 150,000 per gram email now!, please see the inset and click enlarge photos as the bellow:

golden sea pearls in size


golden sea pearls in kilos

golden pearls high grade quality

golden sea pearls in size

golden sea pearls in plastic bag

The above south sea pearls photos grade A is 30%, grade B 40% and grade C 30% SOLD! has been purchased by local buyers from Jakarta

This cultured yellow at the same champagne colors loose south sea pearls in Lombok exquisite piece is part of our Ultimate collection, the finest and most-extensive line of top quality Yellow South Sea cultured loose pearl standard International
Loose yellow pearls showcases as well prepared 10 mm to 16 mm pearls and is an overall A+ quality - combining A+ and B+ luster with a clear and sharp reflection, A+ body surface grade and AA+ rated perfect roundness and semi round. In addition, Lombok Yellow South Sea cultured pearls do command a higher value. Our exquisite South Sea collection showcases amazing color saturation with a deep yellow shine. Our South Sea cultured pearls come in shades of lustrous silver, gold, white, yellow, pink and champagne. Today, all pearls are cultured, as opposed to natural -- but their color is naturally produced by the oyster.

Cultivation of blister pearls on Pinctada maxima shells started several years ago near the coast of Lombok island, in particular Lombok Golden Pearls, around the very small island (isle) Gili Air. Three shells from this area with a total of nine mabe 'pearls' were examined and found to have hemispherical bead nuclei composed of artificial resin instead of mother-of-pearl or soapstone. These cultured blister pearls are sold on Lombok and Bali islands Indonesia as natural pearls.

cultured lombok yellow pearls indonesia

The above yellow pearl unstrung product item number: LP005

Pearl type:

Yellow South Sea

Pearl Origin:

Lombok island Indonesia

Pearl Count:

32 Pearl

Pearl Size:

12mm to 13.8mm

Quality Grade:

AA+ and B

Pearl Shape:



Highest (Gem)


Mirror Reflection simulated silver


Almost None


Very Thick

Weight all:

90,5 gram

Weight in pieces:

3,2 gram to 4 gram

Bid price all $7,000.00 email now!


Prepare selecting the choice of your
White pearls natural color stock now 7 kilos
come and visit to Lombok opportunity!

Prepare offer size 6mm till 18mm shape round, baroque, drop, button and circle unique

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If we can assist with a quote one kilos and up for Yellow Pearls email me for a wholesale order please include the following information to assist us in quoting accurately


Available service time of a meeting in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali for check quality control pearls can be through this email, we do not serve, when you have arrived in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali without prior notification, you can come to Lombok Island Indonesia to examine the quality of pearls this.

Please contact us before you come to the island of Lombok and a promise by email whenever a question you will be processed correctly, please include your full name, address and telephone number.


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