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Depart from your hotel at 9 in the morning, we visited the farm cultured pearls, takes 2 hours drive to the South of Lombok, upon arriving at the location of the farm, we use the boat from the company not far from the pier, then we see, how this pearl cultivation, breeding after a pearl cultivation farm and witnessed, lunch lunch box sandwiches that we provide and mineral water, there is a cost to the farm cultured pearls by email

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Central Indonesia's West Nusa Tenggara Barat region contains the rugged island of Lombok, situated just east of Bali. Lombok is known for its golden 'South-Seas' cultured pearls. Lombok Pearl farms are located in on the south-western coast of the island, west of the towns of Sekotong Timur, Sekotong Tengah, and Lembar. The Lombok pearl farms are located within the chain of 10 islands (Gili) along the northern side of the Sekotong peninsula, between Sekotong Timur and Bangko Bangko on the western tip. So my site are at Pearls Farm south sea

Pearls farm information Lombok island Indonesia

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As the biggest producer of South Sea Pearl, Indonesia recorded production figure of 12 tons in 2005. This figure is expected to increase to 18 tons by 2009. Indonesian cultured South Sea pearls are produced in the following areas: 1) the waters surrounding Bali; (2) Nusa Tenggara (Lombok and Sumbawa); (3) Sulawesi (Celebes); (4) Maluku (Nloluccas) islands, and in 5) Papua Province.

Bali’s pearl farms are located inthe calm waters off the island's north-western coast, in the Buleleng District, near Gerokgak.

Nusa Tenggara is the biggest producer of high quality South Sea Pearls in Indonesia. There are several pearl farms in the West Nusa Tenggara region of Lombok, known for its "golden pearls" from the Gold-Lipped oyster. Lombok has over 24 active pearl farms, on or near Sekotong’s ten islands, on southwestern tip of Lombok. Pearls produced by pearl farms in Nusa Tenggara increased from 689 kilograms in 2001 to 1,800 kilograms in 2005 and around 2,000 kilograms in 2006. In 2009, total pearl production is expected to reach 2.8 tons.


Pinctada Margaritifera, the black-lip pearl oyster, ranges from the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, Japan and the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, and Mexico.

Pinctada Fucata exhibits a variety of color morphs ranging from the commoner reds and browns to greens, bronzes and creams. The nacre is of a cream to golden color with a hard metallic luster. The largest specimens are up to IO cm in diameter. Pinctada Fucata also has a wide distribution from the Eastern Pacific (Venezuela) to the Western Pacific Ocean (Korea and southern China), Australia, Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Hyriopsis Schlegeli is freshwater mussels which are common throughout the world, but those used for pearl cultivation are mainly found in freshwater rivers, lakes and ponds. In China they are even found in places like the farmers’ irrigation ditches. The mussels are extremely adaptable to local conditions. Their luster is usually not as high as with other oysters used for pearl cultivation.

Pearl farming activities starts with site selection leading to constructing pearling facilities for cultivation activities.

See video to visit pearl farm Labuhan Pandan, North of Lombok Island Indonesia



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