Lombok cultured golden south sea pearls Indonesia

Cultured loose golden south sea pearls Lombok island Indonesia

Golden south sea pearl cultivation of Lombok island, Indonesia.

We worked with 15 employers Indonesian pearl, pearl trading company for at auction and peasant associations have been collected mainly south sea pearls loose cultured golden pearl, black Tahitian pearls, green sheen [peacock], blue, red, as for the pearl white color, with white sheen of green, white, silver pearl, pearl white color pink, white, champagne, pearl, yellow pearl and silver pearl, gold pearl also has a gleaming bronze color, and having a good light to high-class as well as some variety of natural colors, we wholesale offer low grade quality, including various forms of choice; baroque, drop, button, circle, oval and other unique forms

You can see some small pearl size click Keshi pearls, they are shaped very beautiful and has a very good light quality, nacre and almost no blemishing, has the best quality with international standards, of all sizes are available starting at approximately 9mm to 20mm or more, either loose pearls wholesale and auction at the pound (in quantity) and collect the best option, you can come some time that allows to visit of Lombok island, Indonesia.

South sea pearl in the world's largest

South sea pearl is one of the largest in the world's most commercially cultivated. The average size of the southern sea pearls are the most popular sizes are 12 mm and 13 mm. South sea pearl is located between the northern coast of Australia and south China coast. These waters have a large oyster native habitat which is also known as Pinctada maxima. These oysters grow in diameter up to 12 inches, and can be nucleated with beads much larger than other marine shells, such as the akoya.

Why south sea pearls grow bigger

There are four reasons for south sea pearls can grow to large sizes, as can be stunted and many of their counterparts of other saltwater pearls. These reasons are: large size is called Pinctada Maxima, the size of the bead implant, the period allowed to grow into a pearl oyster, and oysters that environment. Because the size of the oysters, he was able to receive a large bead. Pinctada Maxima several times larger than the akoya. South sea pearl oyster deposits nacre around the nucleus at a faster rate, especially in warm water, which speed up the oyster's metabolism.

Cultured Golden south sea pearls Indonesia

Lombok Golden Pearls Indonesia is the famous farmer and auction place for Pearls located in Lombok island. Which have succeeded to make that chance to be comparative advantages to product a high quality pearl in kilos wholesale (lots) also selecting with a cheaper price. Not only that, it has a capability to compete in the domestic or international market. Farmer Pearls in Lombok is a business which passed on from one generation to the other, it's also supported by professional & competent wholesale. We could prepare the 50 kilos of all sizes from all forms of unique and all colors, high quality and low prices have budget international standards, and you can choose, whenever you have spare time to come to the island of Lombok to check the quality before you buy.
As the biggest producer of South Sea Pearl, Indonesia recorded production figure of 12 tons in 2005. This figure is expected to increase to 18 tons by 2009. Indonesian cultured South Sea pearls are produced in the following areas: 1) the waters surrounding Bali; (2) Nusa Tenggara (Lombok and Sumbawa); (3) Sulawesi (Celebes); (4) Maluku (Nloluccas) islands, and in 5) Papua Province.

Bali’s pearl farms are located in the calm waters off the island's north-western coast, in the Buleleng District, near Gerokgak.

Nusa Tenggara is the biggest producer of high quality South Sea Pearls in Indonesia. There are several pearl farms in the West Nusa Tenggara region of Lombok, known for its "golden pearls" from the Gold-Lipped oyster. Lombok has over 24 active pearl farms, on or near Sekotong’s ten islands, on southwestern tip of Lombok. Pearls produced by pearl farms in Nusa Tenggara increased from 689 kilograms in 2001 to 1,800 kilograms in 2005 and around 2,000 kilograms in 2006. In 2009, total pearl production is expected to reach 2.8 tons.

"Lombok Cultured Golden Pearl Indonesia" is renowned for its pearls auction. There are about 15 pearl companies association. Most of them are internationally-owned as it requires a lot of capital to build a pearl farm. Many consider the quality of the pearls here as one of the best in the world, says that there are ones kinds of natural pearls sold on the island: south sea golden pearls ones.


Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farmers Indonesia

Lombok and Sumbawa's seashore are potential and pollution-free for Oyster Farm. Many Japanese investors are involved in developing sea pearls and golden, yellow, black, white and silver pearls. Sekotong, East of Lombok, and North West of Lombok are the places where most sea pearls comes from. Lombok regional governing fish and other marine resources reports that there are 38 pearl farms in Lombok this year, with 24 active. In the department says that last year, Lombok island produced 1.8 tons of pearls.

see and selecting Lombok cultured golden pearls farm Indonesia

South Sea Pearls in Lombok Indonesia - These magnificent pearls are grown in the sea using an oyster shell. The pearls used here in our exclusive designer collection are all grown in the villages pearls Lombok regional West Nusa Tenggara


Pearls Cultivation
Pearl cultivation operation can be divided into several phases as follows:
collection of healthy adult oysters, hatchery production, nursery rearing, growing, grafting/nucleation, pearl formation and harvesting. At each stage a number of different culture methods are used. The method chosen depends upon the species cultured and the location or environment of the cultivation. In Indonesia, pearl farmers have developed methods and techniques for Pinctada Maxima that have been adapted for specific characteristics of Indonesian tropical marine environmental conditions.


We determine the pearl quality in to 5 Factor, Luster, Surface, Shape, Color and Size Lombok Indonesia.

pearls keshi Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls Indonesia

Pearls Keshi auction

pearls round Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls Indonesia

Pearls Round

Pearls Luster:
This is the intense glow that comes from within the pearl; this is produced by light entering the pearl and reflecting back through the layers of nacre. The quality of the luster is directly related to how even and smooth the layers of nacre are. You should be able to see your reflection on the surface of a pearl with good luster. A pearl with no reflection or a dull color is of poor quality.

pearls drop Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Pearls Drop

Pearls surface:
With pearls the cleaner the surface the more valuable it will be. A good quality pearl will have few blemishes or marks - of course a pearl is from Mother Nature and few minor blemishes should be expected on all but the finest strands.

pearls button Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Pearls Button

Pearls Color:
Color does not greatly affect the price of pearls as it is mostly a matter of taste - When choosing a color a general guideline is skin tone. Many women with fair or light colored skin feel rose (pink) overtones look best. While women with dark skin, olive skin or that tan easily find black or cream overtones look best.

pearls circle Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Pearls Circle

Pearls shape:
A perfectly round pearl is the most sought after and the rarest of cultured pearls. So rare are round pearls that only 5-10% of a pearl farm's harvest will be even and round. The rest of the harvest will vary from semi-round pearls to asymmetrical baroque pearls. Round drop circle

pearls oval Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Pearls Oval

Pearls size:
Pearls can range in size from 1mm seed pearls to huge 20mm South Sea pearls. Cultured pearls of 5-17 mm are the most common, above this size the price jumps upward rapidly with each half-millimeter from 7.5mm up. To date the largest pearl recorded is a 26.95mm baroque south sea pearl.

pearls baroque Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Pearls Baroque

Cultured Golden Pearls round high grade AAA+, Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Cultured Golden Pearls round high grade A+ in Lombok Indonesia

The pearling industry here in the Nusa Tengara Barat region of Indonesia (Lombok Island) has seen a resurgence in the past 18 months. The farms in this area are producing beautiful South Sea pearls that are already eagerly sought after worldwide. We currently supply these beautiful pearls to many countries including USA, Australia, Germany, Spain and Italy and Asia we are always eager to expand.

Cultured Golden Pearls round high grade A+, Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Golden Pearls auction round shape high grade A+ in Lombok island Indonesia

Our access to parcels both large and small ensures, that most requests can be met quickly and easily and at very competitive prices. As well as supplying South Sea pearls. Regardless of whether your business is wholesale, retail or manufacturing we would appreciate the opportunity to quote. We have loose pearls, round and semi round pearls should be as perfectly round as possible. However, even top quality unstrung can contain the occasional semi-round pearl. Described as being round shape, semi-round, off-round, keshi, or baroque button and rice, as with color preference, shape preference is personal.

Cultured Golden Pearls round high grade A+, Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia

Light Golden Pearls auction drop shape high grade A+ quality

South Sea pearls naturally come in several colors, including white, cream, silver, pink, and golden/yellowish. The color of the pearls grown cannot be entirely controlled by the grower. Instead, it depends on several factors, including ocean water quality, the lip and shell of the oyster, the injection and more


Cultured Golden Pearls round high grade A+, Lombok Cultured Golden Pearls farm Indonesia


The above pictures Indonesian cultured golden pearls round pocket in plastic for auction 500gram each high grade A+ selected wholesale pearls business meeting service at Lombok


South Sea pearls are naturally produced by one of the largest pearl-bearing oysters, the Pinctada Maxima, (also known as Silver-Lipped or Gold-Lipped) oyster. This silver or gold lipped mollusk can grow to the size of a dinner plate but are highly sensitive to the environmental condition. This sensitivity adds to the cost and rarity of South Sea pearls. As such, Pinctada Maxima produces pearls of bigger sizes ranging from 9 millimeters to as much as 20 millimeters with an average size of around 12 millimeters. Thanks to the nacre thickness, South Sea pearl is also famous for the variety of unique and desirable shapes found. On top of those virtues, the South Sea pearl also has an array of colors from cream through yellow to deep gold and from white through silver. The pearls may also display a lovely "overtone" of a different color such as pink, blue or green.

Today, as is the case with other natural pearls, the natural South Sea pearl has almost disappeared from the world pearl markets. The vast majority of South Sea pearls available today are cultivated on pearl farms in the South Sea.


We are pleased to take the opportunity to contact you with a view to establish business relationship with you to purchase originality Golden, Black, Silver and White South Sea Pearls, and I hope that you have time to come to Lombok for survey the biggest farming of pearls process in Lombok every 1 years harvest very good luster of pearls, we'll discuss a more and more prepare 2 till 10kilos and up as your choice variety pearls Round and semi Round, Keshi, Baroque, Drop button, and Odd shaped and High Grade the best quality and good luster of pearls also prepare other size more than 5mm till over 20mm each excellent luster is very good price!, you can take as your choice grade AA+, B+, B, and C, we would like to show you our price list actual for wholesale and auction is very cheap price "the choice is your" and than drop to see working the biggest pearls village and vicinity also to see how the processing of the jewelry such as pearls combination with Gold and Silver handicraft, this ensure the design quality and the product beauty which was design from classic to modern model and unique. The great finishing that make the jewelry seems beauty of Lombok Golden Pearls Indonesia.


If we can assist with a quote other more one kilos and up Gold, Black and Silver Pearls email me for a wholesale order please include the following information to assist us in quoting accurately. click Today exchange rate


How to get to Lombok island by domestic and international plane and online tickets reservation click Merpati Nusantara Airline, Lion Air, Garuda Airline, in case by Silk Air from Singapore Directly to Lombok Island.


Available meeting service at Lombok 5 star hotels to make reservation directly as followings: Sheraton Senggigi Beach Hotel | Holiday Inn | Pool Villa Club Senggigi Beach Lombok | Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok


Available service time of a meeting in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali for check quality control pearls can be through this email, we do not serve, when you have arrived in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali without prior notification, you can come to Lombok Island Indonesia to examine the quality of pearls this.

Please contact us before you come to the island of Lombok and a promise by email whenever a question you will be processed correctly, please include your full name, address and telephone number.


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